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Pallets enter or
re-enter the pool...

...and are shipped to
manufacturing facilities.

There they are
loaded for distribution.

Pallets are then
retrieved and repaired
to customers' specifications.

Qualified pallets are loaded
for shipment to enter
back into the pool.

Retrieving, repairing, and reusing
pallets is essential in meeting
cost savings and recycling goals.

What happens when a
pallet is no longer useful?

From nails to sawdust,
nothing is wasted.

Mulch, animal bedding,
and fuel are just a few
of the ways we
recycle wood waste.

Olympic Sustainable Pallet Programs

helps you meet your sustainability objectives

and drive costs down.


We believe that our sustainability initiatives have to make sense for you, your customers, your bottom line, and the environment. Our goal is to be good stewards, while also delivering pallets that meet our customers’ requirements, repair specifications, and drive down the average cost of pallets. We have saved millions of dollars and tens of thousands of truckloads of virgin lumber in the process.

Our Internal Practices

At our own offices we practice the same commitment to sustainability as we do for our customers’ pallet programs. We teamed up with the City of Cleveland Vacancy and Green Initiative in the purchase and remodeling of our corporate headquarters. In renovating the 1959 building, we addressed green solutions for energy, materials, and indoor environmental quality. We use Energy Star equipment, sourced locally when available, used low flow restroom equipment and low emitting paints & sealants, installed motion sensors, and diverted construction and demolition waste. Future plans include a rooftop garden, which will benefit both our sustainability and health and wellness programs.

Sustainability in our Manufacturing Process

Sustainability and responsible use of resources has always been critical to Olympic Forest Products, both as part of our bottom line as well as in our core business principles. The majority of our products are made from a renewable resource-wood. In our affiliate manufacturing plant, Specialty Design & Pallet, 99.9% of all material is recycled. From lumber to sawdust, we have found ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

How We Can Help Implement or Improve Upon your Pallet Recycling Programs

In developing or improving upon an existing sustainability program for our customers’, we look at at every aspect of your program with a focus on several considerations…redesigning, recycling, repair and returning, and replacing.


We recommend custom design alternatives that can result in significant cost savings. We can provide unit load design review of your current pallet and potential redesigns considering such factors as weight analysis, durability rates, lateral collapse, stacking analysis, racking analysis, life cycle analysis to determine the most efficient pallet to meet your needs. We advise sampling and field testing redesigns of new specifications.


We can provide any and all recycling alternatives and advise on what would best meet each facility’s needs including:

  • Remanufactured pallets (using 100% recycled material)
  • Combination pallets (using a combination of both new and recycled lumber)
  • Cull pallets
  • Driving down prices by minimizing new pallet buy

Repair and Return Programs

With our national logistical capabilities, we can aggressively develop retrieval programs that are cost-effective. We successfully do this for our customers throughout the country very effectively with our large network of trusted producer partners, who serve as depot and repair centers. In addition to huge cost savings, our network of supply means that transportation cost and related energy consumption and pollutants are minimized.


Olympic can also review alternative pallet programs, where applicable, including plastic and steel pallets. We provide customers with the resources and data to make informed decisions.
To learn more about our retrieval and recycling programs.