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Industries Served

Providing pallets is not one size fits all. Each company, plant, product, and industry have unique needs. We serve a wide variety of users and customize programs based on customers’ specific requirements.


ChemicalServing the chemical Industry demands the strictest adherence to safety standards. At Olympic, our advanced technologies and extensive reporting capabilities have enabled us to provide successful pallet programs to the top chemical companies in the world. Olympic works with a diverse customer base which produces everything from paints to petrochemicals.


PharmaThe smallest details are critical in the pharmaceutical industry. From wood species or alternative materials, to moisture content, storage, and treatment options… every specification is looked at with a keen eye. Olympic collaborates closely with customers, who know their own products inside and out, to deliver the highest quality programs.

Construction & Landscaping Materials

ConstructionHeavy loads and seasonal fluctuations are a few of the issues specifically addressed for this sector. Durability is critical in this industry and, as such, the strongest and the most well built pallets are required. We understand that for a pallet to maintain the loads of shingles, mulch, or stone/block for 2-6 months during the winter, Olympics must deliver on intense and strict requirements.


PackagingLike the pallet industry, packaging is used in a wide range of industries across food and drink, healthcare, cosmetics and other consumer goods as well as a range of industrial sectors. Many in pallet industry count on Olympic’s resources including unit load design and our adherence to strict specifications to contain costs and protect their products.


EnergyIn addition to our popular pallet offerings, we supply hardwood mats and skids for pipeline, fiber optics, and underground construction industries.


Agriculture and Food
Every aspect of the pallet must be carefully considered in shipment of agricultural products…from species of wood to pallet treatment options, considerations of impact on loads and quality are paramount.


BeverageWhat is one of the biggest dangers a pallet can pose to beverage shipment?…protruding nails. Our preventative measures ensure your beverages will not be opened until they are supposed to.


AutomotiveFor an industry that pioneered supply chain expertise, nothing short of excellence is expected. At Olympic we combine innovation with quality and consistency to deliver.

Aerospace and Defense

AerospaceThe complex requirements and global reach of the Aerospace and Design sector rely on Olympic to meet deadlines, design, and durability standards. The stricter adherences to specifications is critical.

The integrity of the pallet, and accordingly, the pallet supplier cannot be understated in our industry. That is why we work with Olympic.”– Supply Chain Director, Pharmaceutical Company

Special Pallet Requirements


Heat treating

Export Requirements

Recent outbreaks of pests have been traced back to transport packaging, which has led governments around the world to start cracking down on solid wood packaging including pallets, dunnage, and crates. The IPPC (International Plant Protection Committee) has established the ISPM-15 Standard for regulating wood packaging material in international trade. The ISPM-15 Standard require that both coniferous and non-coniferous pallets be either heat-treated (HT), kiln-dryed (KD), or fumigated with Mytehyl Bromide (MB), until the largest piece of wood in the pallet reaches and retains a temperature of 56ºC (133ºF) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Because the ISPM-15 Standard is subject to change, it is important to work with a pallet provider such as Olympic that has experience in International Shipping. For more information on the IPPC and ISPM-15, go to ippc.intl

Fumigation stamp

Mold and Moisture Control

Mold and moisture affect the safety and efficacy of pallets and, as such, require a vigilant, experienced team such as Olympic to inhibit mold and manage moisture levels. Two approaches to addressing these issues are drying pallets and chemical treatment. Drying methods including kiln drying (both softwood-hardwood), air drying (moisture only), and shed drying. Chemical treatments include chlorine bleach solution, Copper 8 quinolinolate, and X Mold E-Fusion. End users of pallets and their customers throughout the supply chain must approve the use of chemicals. Environmental management along the supply chain is critical in mold prevention programs.

carpenter ant

Pest Control

In addition to being in compliance with ISPM 15, pest control is a concern for domestic shipments as well. Heat treating and chemical solutions are two alternatives utilized to treat pallets for pests. Environmental control and good housekeeping practices are also essential to controlling pests. Olympic can advise on pallet treatment options as well as inform you about potential issues to consider throughout the supply chain. Factors such as storage, packaging, and shipping must be part of the overall pest control plan.