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We offer a comprehensive
line of wood pallets and
alternative pallet options that
are cost effective,
reliable, and sustainable.

New pallets

Recycled pallets

Specialty Products & Crates

Alternatives to wood

Olympic will meet
your pallet needs.


Olympic can provide any volume quantities and deliver to single or multi-plant locations.

New Pallets

New Pallets

Olympic can supply virtually any pallet whether commodity pallet or specialty pallet. We can also help determine the optimal pallet for your requirements if necessary. (Unit Load Design).

•  Hardwood
•  Softwood
•  Panel Deck
•  Stringer
•  Block
•  Four-way
•  Two-way
•  Wing
•  Two-way non-reversible
•  Expendable skids


Recycled Pallets

Olympic has the resources to provide many recycled pallet options. When applicable, these pallet products and services can offer significant cost savings and support sustainability initiatives.

Standard Recycled and Repaired Pallets:

•  Recycled GMA Pallets
•  Recycled Block Pallets
•  Remanufactured Pallets- made from100% recycled materials
•  Combo Pallets – made from part new, part recycled materials
•  Remanufactured Pallets
•  Euro Pallets
•  Drum Pallets


Wood Pallet Alternatives

•  Plastic Pallets
•  Steel Pallets


Specialty Pallets and Pallet Related Products

•  Frames/Separators
•  Boxes
•  Blocking
•  Skids
•  Cut stock and dunnage
•  Plywood
•  OSB
•  Setup boxes


Packaging  Products

•  Stretch Film
•  Stretch Wrap
•  Slip sheets

Most vendors will tell you what you need to hear to get the sale. Olympic has NEVER treated me like that. My sales rep is always upfront and honest. Olympic provides a quality product at a competitive price and follows that up with excellent customer service.”