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Olympic Safety Policy

Olympic Forest Products Company is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for its employees, associates and visitors and managing Olympic in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. Management considers no phase of operation or administration to be of greater importance than safety and accident prevention. It is our policy, therefore, to provide and maintain safe and healthful working conditions, and to follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operation.

It is further the policy of Olympic to:

•  Avoid accidents, that may bring about suffering, loss of time and possible impairment of earning power within the operation of our industry.

•  Maintain neat, clean, safe, attractive and healthful working conditions.

•  Comply with state and local laws pertaining to fire hazards, accident prevention, and working conditions.

•  Promote highway safety.

•  Make the safety of human beings a daily concern. Each person employed by the company, no matter in what capacity the individual may function, must accept this responsibility.


Safety Measures

Olympic will strive to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance by communicating our desire to continuously improve our performance and foster this expectation with all our employees. We have a Safety Team that meets regularly to sets goals and monitors progress.


Health and Wellness

Olympic has a host of health and wellness programs. From health and wellness medical benefits, to monthly health bonuses to fitness tracking devices, Olympic continues to advance our goals. We believe we can make no greater investment than in our team.


Producer Partners

We further recognize an obligation to demonstrate safety and environmental leadership by maintaining the highest standards. We work closely with our producer partners to ensure they are seeking to achieve complementary safety, environmental and ethical standards that align with ours.


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