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Why Olympic has success on a national level

Purchasing pallets is a complex process. Factors to manage begin with lumber sourcing and continue all the way through the supply chain and often, back again. Dozens of factors need to be managed along the way…species, unit load, treatment processes, storage, transportation, export requirements, to name just a few. Our customers rely on our expertise to navigate the process and provide an uninterrupted flow of quality pallets.

Much More than a “Middle Man”

The old school of thought was that buying direct from the pallet manufacturer would get you the best pricing. In reality, a huge advantage of working with Olympic is that we are not tied to specific manufacturing plants or sources. Olympic’s purchase of $80 million in pallets annually gives us the clout to leverage your buy. With a large network of supply throughout the US, we handpick the best resources available for each of our customers’ specific requirements. Each mill has its strengths, areas of expertise, and geographical fit.

It is this network of producer partners that we have built for over thirty years that makes us different. Olympic is an advocate for our customers, but also for our producers. We take the best of what each producer can offer and bring that to our customers. Our expertise coupled with this network, and our affiliation with Virginia Tech, White and Company, and the NWPCA allow Olympic to claim expertise in the manufacture of new and recycled pallets, logistics, pallet management, pallet and unit load design and reporting and sustainability programs.

This fluid and flexible approach enables us to drive down your overall costs and improve quality and performance. We have the resources, knowledge, and agility to tailor your program to what works best for you.

Integrity Matters

Olympic has worked hard to build a solid reputation at the top of the pallet industry. Our goal with every customer is to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We believe the path to achieve this is built on integrity, collaboration, and relentless dedication. We believe in being transparent and accountable, and working as hard to keep your business as we do to get it. We are confident in our ability to execute on these commitments. We have the infrastructure and systems in place to effectively manage all the business we take on. As your pallet provider, we know the valuable role we play in your supply chain and the ramifications to your business. You can count on Olympic.